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Methodologies can be organic, but not necessarily so. They are products of human minds. Just as any product of the human mind, they can be good or bad, effective or ineffective, moral or immoral, reasonable or irrational, or any other number of such characterizations. Therefore, organic SEO is a reference to that which is naturally arises from the organism. The organism in this case are search engines. Organic SEO is any natural SEO that search engines will find useful. If the search engines do not like the practice, it cannot be organic. It is probably “inorganic,” meaning not acceptable.

If anyone ever said “black hat” SEO techniques were illegal then they probably had a failed understanding of the law. The Internet is not a legal entity. Nor is it governed by an officially lawful agency or authority that rules by the iron fist of law. However, that does not mean that it is not governed at all.

The search engines themselves are, in a sense, elected governors. I say elected because they derive their powers from searchers. The more searchers that use a particular search engine, the more powerful that search engine becomes. Since search engines exist to serve the needs and desires of the searchers, it behooves the search engines to establish rules that are fair to their searchers and assist in creating an environment that helps searchers find what they are looking for. SEO companies that use technologies, or methodologies, that thwart those reasonable rules are acting against the best interests of searchers and that is why search engines have dubbed them “black hat.”

Black hat SEO companies are not breaking any laws, but they are using unfair practices to gain an advantage that makes it inconvenient for searchers to find the information they are looking for through the search engines. It is right to penalize them.

These artificial schemes usually don’t work any way. If they do, it’s only for a little while until the website owners find their websites at rock bottom of the pebble pile.

If you want to find out what happens to you when you engage in black hat SEO tactics, talk to BMW. Yes, the automobile manufacturer. It happened to them last year.

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