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First of all we will use a single deck of cards to show the basics. The deck of cards is a 52 card deck ,all your face cards count as 10 the aces count as 1 or 11, this is up to the player to use to his or her best advantage. The joker card is a blank card and is never used in any game that I know of. Now in the case of casino play and online keluaran sgp casinos, they mostly use two decks in the dealing of card with a joker added to the deck and they are shuffled all together. The object of this game is to reach 21 or as close as you can get it with out going over. The dealer may then look at his card and, if he or she wishes, double all such bets; each other player individually may redouble, which in turn ends the betting. A blackjack player may not drop out just because the banker has doubled. The players do not play against each other they play the dealer. Let us look at the right to deal, it may pass from player to player except in casino play. When it does, any player can pick up a shuffled pack and deal the cards out face up, one at a time to each player, until a jack shows up. The player to whom the jack falls is the first dealer, or banker.

If a joker or blank card is used, the blackjack dealer places this face up at the bottom of the pack to mark the end of the shuffled cards this is known as burning If no such card is used, the dealer turns up the top card of the pack, shows it to all players and (unless it is an ace) places it face up at the bottom of the pack. This is called burning a card as well. If the card so turned up is an ace, the pack must be reshuffled. There are many casinos that use 1 to 5 or more decks when dealing Blackjack, so be sure to check.

With this said let’s look at how the cards are handed out. The Dealer gives one card face down to every player in rotation, beginning at his left and including himself. Then after the betting, he gives each player, in the same rotation always one card face down; and gives himself a card face up. In most games each player’s second card is dealt face-up, giving the banker an additional advantage in deciding whether or not to double or to draw. To bet in blackjack, each player may look at the first card dealt to him and must then place a bet of from one chip up to the house limit. Once this bet is complete, play goes around the table ending with the dealer who then turns over his cards and the winner is declared. You have an option of making further bets on a hand if you split the cards, or double up.

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