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1. Branding and Aesthetics

Consumer behavior experts tell us that, presented with many similar product or service options, and little prior knowledge and experience with these brands or companies, consumers will rely on mental shortcuts to make purchase decisions. The way your website looks compared to your competitors has a large influence on how a visitor perceives your company’s professionalism and goodwill. If your website looks modern, crisp and clean, you leave a positive impression on your visitors about your company.

2. Better Usability

CSS also reduces the amount of HTML code a website requires. Tables and extra tags for fonts and colors cause pages to load slowly. The longer it takes for your page to load, the more likely a visitor will hit the back button. Even though the majority of people use a broadband connection, many are still using dialup. And others may be using a high speed wireless network which, depending on how many others are sharing the same wireless channel, may experience fast or slow connections.

3. Accessibility

Rapid advances in wireless communications have made it easy to surf the ‘Net using PDA’s and cell phones. Tabular page layouts simply don’t display properly on small screens. A business that wants to be accessible to anyone, anywhere now and in the future needs to have a website that can be viewed on mobile devices.

CSS design also greatly improves the user experience for the visually impaired, as they cause fewer problems for screen readers and Braille programs.

In the old days of web design, webmasters designed with tables. But tables were limited. Thanks to CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), you can have a professional looking website that allows you to present information in a more flexible layout. Studies have shown that websites designed with CSS convert more traffic than websites designed with tables. Not that tables are entirely useless. You can still use them with CSS, but with CSS you can decide where tables are most appropriate and include only when it is necessary. Plus, with less code cluttering your website source code, search engines can find the information they need faster to catalog your website appropriately for your keywords. If your not designing with CSS today then your website is an old relic. It’s time for a redesign.

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