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2 Billion Euro Spanish Xmas Lottery Online Casino Malaysia


Online Casino Malaysia is the home of the spanish lottery that is running into the €2billion payout range. By far the richest lottery in the world. Can you say bingo? Well calling house on this one won’t necissarily make you mega rich, but you can certainly win a nice few quid for Xmas if you are lucky.

The christmas El Gordo sweepstake draw, otherwise named “the fat one”, dates back all the way to 1812. There will be many prize winners, not all the 2billion euros will go to 1 lucky lotto winner. Instead the mega jackpot is shared between many winners who win various prizes ranging from a few euros up to about €400 thousand.

The idea is to spread the wealth amongst the spanish population, but foreigners can play from all over the world. Similar to apparently what the UK National Lottery was designed to achieve across the residents of the UK. Ahem.

Granted, the Community Fund shares some of the proceeds of the UK lottery around via charities and the needy, but Camelot have their grubby fingers in the peoples pie too.

El Gordo will be drawn on the 22nd of December over the space of 3 hours. The Spanish Xmas lottery results can be found here after the lucky numbers are drawn.

If you want to put some numbers into the El Gordo draw by the 21st of December 2005, you can sign up and play the game from this link

Gamblog receives no funds if you play the Spanish lottery, so you guys who hate pressing affiliate links need not worry – go win some money and be lucky.

Bill Hill And Rank Merger Off

There was talk of William Hills Plc and the Rank Group merger, but the 2 UK gambling giants have ended discussions of joining forces.

William Hill and Rank talks fail

“The plan is thought to have been rejected by William Hill’s board, chaired by Charles Scott, on valuation grounds.

Although both William Hill and Rank have similar stock market capitalisations, they trade on different price-earnings multiples.

Rank’s board, which is headed by William Cathcart, the Avis Europe chairman, is not thought to have voted on the William Hill merger proposal.

A merger would have combined William Hill’s eponymous bookmaking chain with Rank’s Mecca bingo – the Grosvenor casinos and the Blue Square online betting operation.

Under the proposal, Mr David Harding would have become chief executive of an enlarged group that would rival Gala Group – the private equity-backed bingo and casino operator.

Gamblog Comment – Bill Hill and all their highstreet betting shops are big enough as it is, so are Rank and their bingo and casino operations. The plan to merge made no sense to me, but then I am not a high powered financier, so what would I know? I just bet in the places and shoot off home to watch my 3 legged horses and greyhounds run backwards.

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