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Working Hard or Hardly situs game slot terlengkap Working?


I’ve been spending some quality time with the websites lately… Low Limit situs game slot terlengkap Strategy and Tactics, Low Limit Omaha Strategy and Tactics, and Low Limit Stud Strategy and Tactics have all seen updates this week (the most in the hub site which is Holdem. It should be decently viewable at 1024×768 now with some CSS help from my significant other.

I’ve also been playing quite a bit of actual poker lately, mostly ring games. My results have been extremely good lately at the semi-tight online tables (these online folks don’t really understand what no-foldem-holdem really is!) one very nice product I’ve recently found and been using myself is called Holdem Hawk or Holdem Pirate (same product, different name) which grabs hand and board information from the online poker game you’re currently playing (supports a bunch of cardrooms including Party Poker and UltimateBet) and makes preflop recommendations and shows all your potential draws and outs as the hand progresses. It’s really a must have as it makes precise pot odds calculations that are all but impossible in the flow of a real game.

My low limit results for the past week are: Bought into Noble Poker for $50, cashed out for $333 4 hours late. Bought into Full Tilt Poker for $450 because they are running a promotion where if you get 300 points by the 14th of April they’ll give you $100 or two items of clothing from their gear shop. I triple tabled $3-$6 holdem and cashed out for $649 after about 1.5 hours and up 400 points. When the $100 bonus came in I worked that up to $300 at the $3-6 table and I’m still going as we speak.

Obligatory bad beat: Me-AQo, Opponent T5 suited, Flop AQ5 rainbow, opponent was short so capped all in for him on the flop. Turn: 5, River: 5.

Of course in poker it’s not all upswings and even in the sessions I described I lost some big pots when people completed their draws or when I didn’t complete mine, etc., but overall a very tight preflop strategy and good use of position works well at these cardrooms, especially if you have good knowledge of hand selection when the pot does get especially multiway.

Oh, if you’re into Seven Card Stud (high or high/low) check out Stud Strategy which is Heaven’s Stud Advice central and of course my own Stud site listed above.

In other news we’re looking for a new apartment so my almost-12-year-old son has a room of his own to sleep in (it’s not THAT bad he lives with his mother, but when he comes here he gets the couch at the moment). Who wants to be a teenager and sleep in the livingroom?

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